Have you ever found yourself wanting to help, but getting in over your head when you commit to serving? Over the 20 years that have past since the first time I volunteered in a reading program, life has taught me a couple things that I wish I would have known […]

Have you ever wanted to help – Dana Williams

It was a gloomy day outside the Life Center the sky painted a heavy gray. The inhabitants sheltered from a “pending” rain and all assigned to their after-school homework and reading activities. I sat with *Kadijah we both colored alongside each other a pictures of Strawberry Shortcake. I hadn’t realized […]

Budding Strengths, Gifts, and Exposure

The department at my University requires a 120 hour internship before graduating from the Child Development and Family Relations major. I wanted the chance to spend my time somewhere I could gain skills and all that I have to offer would be needed. The first day I came to The […]

120 Hours: A Volunteer’s Reflection