After-School Program for Grade K-12

The program’s primary objectives are to have each child enrolled increase his/her reading ability by two grade levels in one year and, to have parents participation. All students, K-12th grades, and their parents in the Cornwallis Road Community are eligible to paintingparticipate in the program. The daily after school program provides one-to-one oversight for reading and homework instruction. The program also provides a safe, disciplined environment in which learning can occur.

Teen Clubs

Teen Leadership Club/Juvenile Crime Prevention Activities are for ages 12-19. This Program is designed to teach Leadership, Education, Accountability and Discipline to teens in “at-risk” environments. The LEAD in Teen Leadership Club (TLC) stands for Leadership, Education, Accountability, & Discipline. Students meet weekly at the Learning Centers to discuss peer issues, learn decision-making skills, provide community service, and visit local universities and businesses.

Parental Equipping

The Life Center recognizes the important link between child development and parental support. The Life Center staff serves as liaisons between parents and teachers, providing transportation to parent-teacher conferences and regular meetings with the teachers of enrolled students. Active parents from the centers have created grassroots networks to raise funds for student field trips and nightly meals. Parents must commit to serving on-site at the Life Centers, engage in monthly meetings with staff to discuss strategies to improve lives of children & the community, and attend student/teacher conferences with Life Center staff when enrolling their children in the program. Parental Enrichment Activities include educational seminars on leadership, parenting, homeownership and financial development.